The last chapter send gives us helpful tools on how to build a digital audience for news.

Here are the fundamentals:

  • Track your content
  • Web analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Effective headline writing for the web
  • Distribution though social media

Track You Content: What to Track?

  • Total news stories per day
  • Blog post by specific blog
  • Slide show per week
  • Video stories per week
  • Podcast or other audio stories

Web Analytics: Who’s watching?

  • Check the traffic of your website
  • Commercial systems charge a monthly fee
  • Free programs track information every 24 hours
  • Some websites have them built in

Search Engine Optimization: Can I find your stuff?

  • Content is king
  • Linking is queen
  • Title your tags appropriately
  • Use conversational language
  • Keywords are key


The distribution through social media channels is key. You should make your target as specific as possible. Read blogs that write about the same thing you do then comment. Follow different Youtube channels that relate to what you cover. Hash-tags are huge on Twitter and Facebook. Make sure people who aren’t your friend on Facebook or follow you r on Twitter can get to it.



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