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That chapter starts with giving helpful tips on how to organize yourself as a professional and as a journalist. Here are the steps to the “Inbox Zero” Method Limit the time the email program is up on your screen Focus on other task for a couple of hours Relaunch the email program and only read […]

The power of video has enhanced the story telling ability. The text starts with a story about a baseball player who has one leg and played the game well. There was no audio or sound from the stands. It was hailed as inspirational because you weren’t watching a handicap baseball player round bases or bat […]

The last chapter send gives us helpful tools on how to build a digital audience for news. Here are the fundamentals: Track your content Web analytics Search engine optimization Effective headline writing for the web Distribution though social media Track You Content: What to Track? Total news stories per day Blog post by specific blog […]

Th internet has created a new realm of journalism. Technology today can connect a Journalist’s work directly though an URL. The birth of the internet and social media such as Facebook and Twitter has created a new aspect on how news should be presented. Journalist now have to generate stories that will start conversations. The […]

Briggs Chapter 6

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A photo says 1,000 words. You know a good picture when you see it and thanks to HD camera phones everyone is a photographer. Disposable cameras are toys of the past. It’s all about digital photography.  It’s easy to take a picture and send it out via social media or enhance it. “The key to […]

Briggs Chapter 5

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Journalism has truly seen it’s fair share of phases. It’s amazing that the cell phone didn’t really explode until the early 21st Century. Cell phone development has been rapid. Initially you could only make phone calls and then color screens were the new fad. Slowly cameras started to develop and could capture low quality video. […]

Briggs Chapter 1

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A lot of what we know about the internet just happened. There was that one grade school class that taught you www was the World Wide Web. If you had an aspiring career has a software designer or computer engineer you might have actually taken more interest in the subject matter. Personally, I just wanted […]

Briggs Chapter 4

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The 21st century has seen alot of technological growth. The cell phone took strides and has been the foundation for quite a few platforms.  I can remember when texting first hit the scene and you had to do your best to say what you need in 140 characters or less. Social media saw the power […]

Briggs Chapter 3

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Phil Meyer claimsc, “They are raising the ante on what it takes to be a journalist…and it’s going to get harder still.” Chapter 3 of Journalism Next explains 3 types of Crowd-Powered Collaboration. They are Crowd Sourcing, Open Source, and Pro-Am Journalism. Crowd Sourcing is essentially the community versus paid professionals. Wikipedia can be updated […]