Welcome to Online Journalism. My name is Marshall Britt Wright Jr and I’m currently a Communication major at George Mason University. Richmond, Virginia is where I call home. I’m a ambitiously, nonchalant, gentleman.

I always have to be doing something. Granny always said, “Idle time is the Devil’s playground.” ┬áThat’s why I ‘m involved in several organizations and don’t leave much room to take a break. I am an African American male with both parents. If you look at statistics you find that a great deal of African American homes lack both parents. I’m proud to say I have two beautiful parents that love each other.

Robert Bracey Wright is my kid Brother. He’s a Senior at Hanover High School. It looks like he will be attending Longwood University in the Fall. I get up everyday and thing about what I can do the blaze a trail for him.

One of my biggest lesson came in December of 2011. I learned a lot about my friends and what it meant to be a man. I found myself standing with only my family behind me. Life is similar to a tree. Leaves come and go with season, but the roots hold the tree in place. Friends will come and go, but family will always be there.




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