College students don’t sleep. Professor assign homework, on top of projects. We all know that as a college student you have to balance school work, involvement, and partying. I see 2:00am everyday, but wake up and see 10:00am. I get my eight hours, but what about those who have late night’s and early mornings?


According to CNN Health, you can fake a good night’s sleep.


Here are a few steps:

  • Open your shades, a little sunlight resets the body.
  • Grab the right snack, don’t eat anything to heavy or unhealthy.
  • Take a nap, afternoon naps are clutch.
  • Sip on your coffee, no need to take it to the head.
  • Take a walk, get the blood pumping when you first wake up.
  • Go to bed on time.
  • Hydrate yourself.

Take these tips and trick your body into feeeling rejuvenated.


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