That chapter starts with giving helpful tips on how to organize yourself as a professional and as a journalist.

Here are the steps to the “Inbox Zero” Method

  • Limit the time the email program is up on your screen
  • Focus on other task for a couple of hours
  • Relaunch the email program and only read your new emails

Some helpful tips include only reading an email once. If you are able to read it and respond to it in under two minutes do so. The goal is to save you time and energy.

The text also recommended finding the right personal productivity tools. It’s important as journalist and a freelance writer toiCloud Logo manage your contacts and to do list. There are a few programs that are free and work well. One program is actually the iCloud offered by Apple. It allows you to send all of your docuements, photos, and contacts to a storage base that you manage through your Apple products. For instance I’m saving contacts on my iPhone and the battery dies. I can pull out my Macbook or iPad and continue where I left off because it saved to the iCloud.

The chapter also touches on data driven journalism and how you can tell a story with information you may have gathered by creating a spreadsheet.

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